Imagine Eddie's d&d character is a legend in their story and they have to avenge his death, imagine y/n always making it easy for the players win. Imagine y/n and Eddie's uncle going for lunch every Friday evening and talking about Eddie. Imagine y/n learning to play guitar and covering for him in his band. stuck with me - eddie munson. Originally posted by jaakey. summary:there's no way you're leaving eddie alone, not even when he's accused of murder and you're about to face monsters from another world. pairing: eddie munson × female!reader (almost gn except for using the word girlfriend one single time) warnings: established relationship but not public to everyone, you also didn't. Originally posted by captainhotch. Description: Reader is helping Dustin and Eddie with the bats when things go south. Eddie makes the reader promise to admit her feelings for Steve if they make it out alive. Warnings: SPOILERS SEASON 4, Character Death, Broken bones, Gore, Mentions of death. Summary: To escape the likes of Jason Carver, the reader has to play a little game of pretend with Eddie Munson himself. Pairing: Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader Warning: sexual tension, swearing, some kissing, fake relationship Type: Oneshot Word Count: 4,647 words Originally posted by jaakey. It had been one hell of a day and it was only lunchtime. During first period, Jason Carver had gone to. Pairing: Eddie Munson x (female) Reader. Summary: Eddie's been self conscious about his body ever since the bat incident in the upside down, so you take it upon yourself to show him just how beautiful he is. Warnings: spoilers for vol.2, fluff, angst, smut, mention of scars, praise kink, body worship, insecure Eddie, bit of sub! Eddie, oral. Eddie loves the thrill of horror movies and lives off of it even though it scares the utter shit out of him, but you can guarantee he teases the hell out of you for jumping. Pet names are a must even if you are just friends, he won't always use the same one as he doesn't want it to lose that special meaning. Eddie Munson Meeting Y/n Henderson| Eddie x Reader Part 3! The next day, you could barely pay attention in class. In fact, you couldn't pay attention at all, only thinking about one thing. "What should I wear?!" "Something casual?" "Why am I so worried?!" Thoughts slowly began to eat you up as the time got closer to the end of the day. The Eddie Munson listens to Madonna. "Like a prayer is a decent song, alright. Don't judge me." He reaches over and takes the tape out of your hand and puts in the under compartment on your side of the van. As soon as the tape was gone and the compartment was closed you hear the pitter patter of the rain starting to hit the roof of the van. Don't try to be heroes.There's no shame in running — Eddie Munson. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. ... See more posts like this on Tumblr. #eddie munson #eddie munson fanfic #eddie munson fluff #eddie munson smut #eddie munson x reader #eddie munson x male reader #eddie munson x you #eddie munson. Reader was already at college living her best life there she learned to forget her feelings for Eddie Munson she still loved him but as a friend, when college was over she decided to go back to Hawkins to see people and catch up on what she missed, later that month she saw Eddie at the store she didn't want to see him after what happened even though she forgot her feelings she still didn't. tix. "i didn't run away this time, right?". EDDIE YOU FUCKER THERE'S NO SHAME IN RUNNING, REMEMBER? YOU SHOULD'VE FUCKING RUN, HAWKINS DIDN'T DESERVE YOU SAVING THEM. Pinned Post eddie munson x reader eddie munson stranger things stranger things s4 st4 vol2 eddie munson st4 i wont ever get over this. 7,600 notes. So rn I'm on a family vacation, so I don't have a lot of time atm I'm sorry : (. I'll try my best to get it out as soon as possible though! If I had to guess I'd say Monday (because that's when I get home) I'm sorry it's taking me so long though. eddie munson eddie my love eddie stranger things stranger things eddie munson. He's the ultimate dork ngl. ^^Uses the corniest pick-up lines, playfully snuggles into you, it's almost repulsively sweet, to be honest. More Eddie Munson headcanons!! ——————————————-. A/N: This contains some spoilers, but only for episode 1. Eddie isn't the type of person to purposefully leave someone out of. The Pizza Girl: Eddie Munson x Reader (One-Shot) Summary: Surfer Boy Pizza's expansion into Hawkins brings delicious delivered pizzas to Eddie Munon's front door. It apparently also brings a very attractive delivery driver that might also happen to be Eddie's past crush. Masterlist. Word Count: 5.5k. word count: 1k. Originally posted by hunterwritings. "So do you want to go back to my place or yours?". Eddie asked. "We can go to mine, that's where all my stuff is," She said, putting her seatbelt on. "Okay, Y/n's house it is," He said, pulling out of the school. Steve drops the ork to the ground. Once it touches the floor Eddie tries to go deeper with the beer bottle. "Wow wow, Steve's cool". "Yea, I'm cool, man," Steve replies. "We were looking for you and y/n of course". "Yea, we're here to help" Robin adds. "Eddie, these are my friends, you know Robin she's in band, this is. Summary: A Hawkins High student is murdered, Eddie doesn't answer your calls, and then the Goonies appear on your front door asking for your help in locating the missing Munson boy. Looks like your boyfriend's wanted for homicide. [2.6k] Warnings: S4 SPOILERS! Vague mention of drugs. Angst -> Fluff. The last people you expected to encounter knocking on a Saturday afternoon. . ♪ Eddie Munson x Reader!Henderson ♪ this is a rlly long oneshot, so enjoy! ♪ give credits to @amora-com if reblogging! Originally posted by joseph-quinns. Nothings been weird, everything normal. But except for the fact that you've been getting flowers and love letters for someone anonymous. Tagged: #eddie munson #sims #sims4 #ts4 #thesims4 #EA #stranger things #st4 #eddie #eddie the freak munson #munson #hellfire #hellfire club #the hellfire club #netflix #sim #creation #sims 4 screenshots #sims 4 custom content #sims 4 cc #sims 4 eddie munson #joseph quinn. Synopsis: There is one rule for Y/N to accept Jason Carver's advances: if he wants to go out with her, the jock has to name ten things he likes about the resident 'Freak'Eddie Munson.Can he do it? Pairing: Eddie Munson x fem!Reader. Warnings: swearing, Jason being a dick as usual, nothing else I can think of (minimally edited). Genre: fluff mainly. Eddie begun unceremoniously throwing the empty beer cans and other rubbish into the depths of the back of the van. When the floor was presentable, he allowed you to enter. "M'lady," he said, outreaching an arm to help you into the car. You swatted it away with a smile that you tried to hide by turning away. Eddie Munson Meeting Y/n Henderson| Eddie x Reader Part 3! The next day, you could barely pay attention in class. In fact, you couldn't pay attention at all, only thinking about one thing. "What should I wear?!" "Something casual?" "Why am I so worried?!" Thoughts slowly began to eat you up as the time got closer to the end of the day. summary: hellfire learns that you and eddie are dating, but not everyone is happy about the development. requested: yes. word count: 6.9k. warnings: brief pda, brief confrontations, teasing mentions of being a mom & a "step-daddy," protective eddie, dustin/lucas/mike being little shits, pet names (baby & sweetheart), tense dinner, mentions. EDDIE MUNSON in "The Hellfire Club" - 4x01 # tv # stranger things # stranger things 4 # why is he sooooo boyfriend. text post by inklore. 1659315864. His hands lift off your rear to match up to your clothed waist. You can feel the heat of his large palms through your shirt. You can hear his nose exhale as well as your own as you both make out. Your tongues come out to slip into each others mouths, and you start to feel wetness coat your underwear. Eddie rested his chin on the crook of your neck, his breath fanning your cheek and you wrap your hands around his, holding him closer to you. "Don't you dare die on me tonight, Munson, or I swear to God-" You started off but he cut you off quickly. "Stop. I'm not going anywhere, baby.". He whispers into your neck, pressing a kiss. Steve rants about Robin in 3.03, but it's *snaps fingers* easily about Eddie 珞 . commission for @sparklyslug. Jul 28 10,155 notes. he IS hyper steddie steve harrington eddie munson dustin henderson gifset people queue care about the most. ne8ula # G I R L B O S S. Jul 28 3,895 notes. Tagged: #eddie munson #sims #sims4 #ts4 #thesims4 #EA #stranger things #st4 #eddie #eddie the freak munson #munson #hellfire #hellfire club #the hellfire club #netflix #sim #creation #sims 4 screenshots #sims 4 custom content #sims 4 cc #sims 4 eddie munson #joseph quinn. a tune of love (masterlist) pairing : eddie munson x fem!reader summary : in which eddie munson fell for the little-miss-perfect aka the sunhine of hawkins high tags: fluff, tooth-rooting fluff maybe?, suggestive jokes 👀, lowkey grumpy x sunshine but not really?, opposite attract, friends to lovers, she falls first but he fell harder, idiots in love, happy vibes only. a hero that deserved to live. so, you made a deal. your soul in exchange for his. behind bars or not, atleast, eddie was alive. eddie munson stranger things 4 stranger things eddie munson x reader eddie munson x you st4 eddie eddie munson fluff hellfire club vecna eddie munson moodboard eddie munson headcanons stranger things x reader steve. simp 4 eddie munson. Posts. Likes. Following. Archive. I need a very angsty steddie fic (steve x eddie ) where Steve finds out that he can be bisexual and tells eddie that he likes him, eddie thinks it's a joke and is kinda rude because he feels hurt that steve would joke about that. Naturally steve starts crying and runs away. Originally posted by acecroft. summary: eddie and steve are worried about their girl. warnings: cussing but it's just like normal, angst but fluff. pairing: steve x reader x eddie. Keep reading. steve harrington x original character steve harrington x henderson!reader steve harrington x you steve harrington steve harrington x reader st4. Eddie munson fics <3 "As the world caves in" "I was made for lovin' you". The Least I Could Do. steve harrington x reader. summary: Steve and you take a ride late at night. Songs are played, confessions are made, and you wouldn't have it any other way. warnings: fluff, some cussing, discussion of absent and unsupportive parents. word count: 2.0k. a/n: I don't really know how cassette. Steve rants about Robin in 3.03, but it's *snaps fingers* easily about Eddie 珞 . commission for @sparklyslug. Jul 28 10,155 notes. he IS hyper steddie steve harrington eddie munson dustin henderson gifset people queue care about the most. ne8ula # G I R L B O S S. Jul 28 3,895 notes. Prom Queen (Eddie Munson x Reader) . Requested by @katamcauley. Summary: Eddie and the Reader have been secretly together since Jason forced them into "Seven Minutes in Heaven" as a prank, but now, as Eddie watches Jason and his goons flirt with you, he finds himself not caring who knows you're his. Warnings: Bullying, Cursing, Spicy Kissing, Sexual Themes, Drug Use (Weed), Mentions of. still, he'd hold his ground and pull his hair in front of his face, anxiously waiting for you to say something. when you tell him you like him too his eyes light up, a huge grin spreading across his face. "thank god, it would have been embarrassing if you turned me down" he'd sigh in relief, making you laugh. loser's club initiation - eddie munson. plot: navigating high school is a delicate operation for most, especially so for those who don't fit the norm. and unfortunately, that's a fact you share with Eddie Munson-the kids call him freak, and you a bully, a loner, an ogre with no friends. but despite your reputation, that hasn't stopped. Eddie Munson's "This Is Music!" is a line in the eighth episode of the fourth season of Stranger Things that is said by the character Eddie Munson (portrayed by Joseph Quinn) in a panic while the characters were looking for traditional pop music among his metal cassette tapes. Shortly after part two of the season's premiere, released July 1st. fingers fuckin crossed tumblr doesnt ban me for sexy doodles 🤞. stranger things eddie munson steve harrington steddie nsfw eddie is a bottom and also a virgin with a massive praise kink pillow princess eddie munson also if youre a minor i will block you on god. 420 notes Jul 7th, 2022. Sober - Eddie Munson. Chapter 10 - An Eddie Munson Speciality. Masterlist. Hangovers are the worst. Marguerite's head was pounding as she screamed at Max to open the door and shut whoever was knocking up. Eventually, she gave up and dragged herself out bed and to the door where the loud knocking was being produced. "Ah!. His face is plastered on a crop circle, somewhere in Indiana. Don't ask. Well, there's a new episode of The Life and Times of Joseph Quinn. This week, Quinn—in an appearance on The Tonight Show. EDDIE MUNSON HEADCANONS. - he'll prob try to get u to get a matching tat w him. - he gets u a hellfire shirt, or will just give u one of his. -forehead kisses, for sure. - makes out w u in the janitors closet . - writes u a song, makes the gang listen to it. - totally not scared to kiss u in-front of a crowd. ogun iferan omo yahoojetbrains fleet downloadgirl spreading her ass cheekskinky porn tube videosdr comet pornqbcore drugs scriptintext password123movies spider man far from home freeigman vs pmc dj tiracannot use table for entity type since it is being used for entity typeductile iron wall pipeencanto isabela fanartextreme dual sportdark russian angelpokemon heartgold fixed romnecromunda rulebook 2021 pdfpet simulator x op gui mytvonline 2 firesticknervous wife threesomeauburn eagles program costlast pirates scripthoney select 2 character cards pixivtelegram proxy for pcvisio electrical stencilshigh carb hannah videosdata hk 2001 sampai 2021 sydney shark attack video footage uneditedblox fruits scriptmailcow raspberry pi 4rust clan discord templateocpp testing toolsuper young creampie pussyavorion best shipsn1 armbianharman kardon headphones march of the volunteerscitizens air complaint program texasfigaro chain 10mmutg script roblox pastebin 2021expressvpn premium account telegramrk3568 linuxwife husband threesome xnxxlaravel get query string from url in blade32 inch diameter septic tank risers and lids elf hat value gpotelegram link cplobster tubes7starhd movie winelfile leechcoolbuild donglebig booty jiggly sex videosr reshape vs reshape2umbrella academy shifting script template hog wire roll fencereplika pro free accountncp is not recognized as an internal or external commanddesi sex moviesutube sex moviespusong bato karaokewhat admin does flamingo use in life in paradisefemale reader x tentacles lemonenvoy login jetnet convert vrca filesblender eevee render settingswasapi audio drivergmod research facilitydocumentation instructure login canvasromeo and juliet movie 1968fnf triple trouble roblox idrockchip rk3568 datasheetexocad software download free sims 4 anime figures cc8000 watt wind turbineunfortunately mail ru version of lost ark is unavailable in your regionbollywood mp3 songs full album downloadlist of fda approved nitrile glovesnomad sculpt brushes freestreet fighter 4 mame romhackthebox offshore writeupharry potter fanfiction harry molested mature hairy mencandid bare ass picslove storm mame english translationkeemakoo civil war relicsamiko swbest tv series for learning englishlife cheat codes reddittable saw blade guard splittermax hardcore free xxx